A Clinic Management System for the Aesthetic Market

Easethetics is a Clinic Management System that is specially built to manage any type of Aesthetic, Cosmetic, Dermatologic clinics and MedSpas just by using any type of device!

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What is Easethetics?

Easethetics (Aesthetic Management System) is a highly secured and specialized platform of applications that leverage technology to upgrade the quality of management in the sectors of beauty and wellness industry. It provides you with the tools that can potentially help to fully optimize your operations and maximize your profit.

Whether you have a single branch or multiple branch locations, Easethetics can grant you or effective clinic solutions even just by using any of your devices. With just one click, you'll have a well-tuned clinic operations with EASE!

Why Choose Easethetics?

Focus on Clients

Focus more on your professional practice and let the system manage your operations efficiently

Robust Reports

Keep a close eye with managing your business using insightful reports that help you make smarter business choices

Secure Data

Easethetics is integrating the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Platform to safely and securely store your clients' information. Assign and limit the access of your staff with the information they will see

Secure Payment Methods

Let your clinic or spa offer different payment methods to your clients such as Debit/Credit Payment, E-wallet Payment and more

Application Features


 Website Builder
 Point of Sale
Employee Management


 Live Chat
Online Appointment  
Multi-branch Accounting


Analytics & Custom Dashboard
 Full Accounting
Live Selling Promotions 
 Lead Generation 
 SMS Marketing
 Email Marketing
Easethetics Consumer Application


Available on both iOS and Android devices.

Common Problems


The Solution

Known as the Father of Modern Management, Peter Drucker quoted, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure”. The first step in fixing a problem is recognizing that there is one. According to our survey, 96% of respondents came across with these problems. Check out the list on the left and see if you are experiencing them too!

Experiencing some of these problems? We are here to help!

Let's Solve it Learn More

Our Target Market

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            Easethetics Subscription Plan


            Starter Pack


            •  Website Builder
            •  Point of Sale
            •  Invoicing
            •  Contacts
            •  Discuss
            •  Calendar
            •  Employees
            •  Easemart
            •  Inventory
            •  Purchase

            Order Now

            Expansion Pack


              •  Starter Pack +
                •  Sales
                •  Maintenance
                •  Repairs
                •  Expenses
                •  Time-Off
                •  Live Chat
                •  Online Appointment
                •  Multi-Branch Accounting
                •  Attendance
            Franchise Pack


              •  Expansion Pack +
              •  Analytics & Custom Dashboard
              •  Full Accounting
              •  Webinar
              •  Live Selling
              •  Payroll
              •  Lead Generation
              •  SMS Marketing
              •  Email Marketing
              •  Easethetics Consumer Application

                Flexible Payment Method

                Access multiple payment methods with one integration


                Clients Driving their Success with Easethetics


                What Our Clients Say

                Ready to upgrade your business?

                Manage any type of Aesthetic, Cosmetic, Dermatologic clinics,
                MedSpas and more just by using any type of device!